Who can join Thailand Elite?

Thailand Elite is open by invitation from selected sources. Please contact us via our email at info@thailandelite.com or memberservice@thailandelite.com , or via 66 (0) 2352 3000 for more information.

How can I join Thailand Elite?

Upon receiving an invitation to join, please contact Sales department at info@thailandelite.com or 66 (0) 2353 4130 to submit an application with all necessary documentation and to arrange for payment. The application process normally takes a short while, as approval must also be granted from certain government divisions.

What services are available to Members?

Services range from complimentary golf and spa treatments to expedited immigration processing and airport transport services. Please visit the website or contact us directly for more information regarding services.

What are the costs of Membership?

The Individual membership fee is a non-refundable payment of two million Baht (THB 2,000,000) exclusive of VAT with validity of 20 years. This entitles the Member to the principal benefits and privileges of a Thailand Elite Membership as detailed in the Membership Privilege Book. Please visit the website or email to info@thailandelite.com for more information.

Can other family members use Thailand Elite services?

Services are generally restricted for use by the Member only. Guests and family members may receive special accommodations and pricing dependent on the service providers. Please get in touch with the Customer Contact Center for more information.

How can I get more information about Thailand Elite?

For all general inquires, please check the website at http://www.thailandelite.com/ for updated information. For addition details, please contact our Customer Contact Center 66 (0) 2352 3000 or Memberservice@thailandelite.com and Sales Department at info@thailandelite.com.

How does the five (5) year visa work?

The Member is granted a special five (5)-year multiple entry VISA with automatic approval of one (1)-year stay. The Member is also exempt from the requirement to leave Thailand extend length of stay but is subject to stay extension fee (1900 THB) as stated in the Thai Immigration and tzaion Service duty charges.

In the event that the Member wants to transfer Membership to the third person, what are the procedures to do so?

The Membership is one time transferable subject to the rate of twenty percent (20%) excluding VAT of current market price at the time of the transfer and the approval as stated on Terms and Conditions of Thailand Elite Membership. After transfer, the term of the Membership is subject to the remaining period.

What are the qualifications of the Member?

The applicant/the Member must have and maintain to have the following qualifications:

1) Being sui juris under Thai law and be at the age of or over twenty (20) years old;

2) Being allowed to stay in Thailand in accordance with the immigration laws or any related law of Thailand;

3) Holding foreign passport;

4) Not having been sentenced by a judgment to imprisonment in any countries except for an offence committed through negligence;

5) Not having been adjudicated bankrupt; and

6) Not having been declared as a person of unsound mind, incompetence, or quasiincompetence

Are there investment possibilities in Thailand for the Member?

The Member is entitled to special concierge services to facilitate dealing with both the Thai Government Sector and the Private Sector to enhance business opportunity and investment privileges that are reserved for Members only.

After holding the Membership, how can the Member use the TE privileges and benefits?

The Member may simply send a request for service to our Customer Contact Center by phone, fax or email in advance as per our service policy. Then our Customer Contact Center agent will coordinate with our service providers for reservation and service confirmation which will be returned to the Member within 24 hours.