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Dear Members,

Sawasdee krab, once again, dear members. Welcome to the June edition of the Thailand Elite Privilege news. This is only the second issue in which I am addressing you directly and I am enjoying myself tremendously. I hope you enjoyed on April issue and have learned more about the 90-day reporting procedure. In line with bringing you more valuable information about living and working in Thailand I am pleased to give you more knowledge. In this issue I’d like to bring to your attention another very important procedure that requires your attention and cooperation to have it completed.

Apart from the 90-day reporting this is equally as important and it is among the first things you have to do after you enter the Kingdom.

It is in accordance to the law that all foreign visitors to Thailand must inform the immigration department of their residence as soon as they arrive at their place of accommodation. It is the duty of the owner of the accommodation be it a hotel, apartment or house to report the location of the visitor. In normal cases when visitors check into a hotel, the receptionist will record your passport details as well as the TM number on the arrival card you fill out. This information is sent the next morning to the Immigration Department of the Royal Thai Police for recording.

Failure to provide your whereabouts will result in you being ineligible for any further requests made with the Immigration Department, such as an extension of visa, 90-day reporting, or other procedures. There is also a fine of 2,000 baht for the visitor and the owner of the accommodation having to pay a fine between 2,000 baht to 10,000 baht.

If you stay in a reputable hotel you would not have to worry about this being done because it is part and parcel of the hotel’s duty to their guests. However, if you are unsure it is always a good idea to check with the management of the accommodation or even do the reporting yourself. This can be done by logging into the website of the Immigration Department and download the form, fill it out and send it back. It’s that simple!

Should you require more information, you can easily contact the help desk here at Thailand Elite and we will answer any of your questions.





Pruet Boobphakam

Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd.

I wrote about a very necessary regulation that all visitors are required to carry out, and that is the 90-day report. Very recently the Immigration Department has released a notice in regards to an additional form that is required to be filled up when completing the 90-day reporting and the extension of stay in Thailand with details as follow:
“This form shall be used for the recording of information of every alien entering and staying in the Kingdom of Thailand and shall be submitted with the notification of residences for aliens (section 37, 38 of Immigration Act, BE, 2522), or 90-days notification, or Extension of Stays (all purposes), or Re-entry Permits, or in all cases involving alien labor.”

Section 1 is for the recording officer to fill in his own details.
Section 2 is for the information about the “alien”
1. Full name, date of birth, passport number, and names of both father and mother
2. Full address and telephone numbers in home country
3. Full address and telephone numbers of your home and work in Thailand
4. Social media and email (this is optional)
5. Car make, model, colour and license plate
6. Frequently visited places or premises such as clubs, restaurants, shops, hospital etc
7. Emergency contact details for one Thai and one foreign national
8. Bank account details such as bank, branch, account name and account number.
This is only required for certain types of visa applications

Download this form : Click here!

An Important Message from the Immigration Department
The Immigration Department of the Royal Thai Police would like to bring your attention to the new regulations when it comes to overstaying your visa. Starting from March 20, 2016 onwards, instead of paying a fine for staying in the Kingdom of Thailand on an expired visa, the penalty now includes a ban from entering the country. The length of the ban depends on the period of overstay as follows :

In the event that the person reports to the authorities of their overstay the penalty will be as follows :

However if the person is arrested by the authorities and deported the period will be :

Conveniently all Thailand Elite members have special visa benefits and can seek assistance when it comes to visa matters. For more information and clarification, please go to the immigration website at or feel free to contact the Thailand Elite call center at any time.


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