Online Payment

For more information please call: +66 (0) 2352 3000

Online payment system is available for your convenience. There are 4 steps as follows:

      1. Select the type of payment. This can be found in the email that you have received.
      2. Fill in the PAYMENT CODE. If you do not have this code please contact the Sales Representative of Thailand Elite. Every time payment is made the Payment Code is required.
      3. Fill in the details of the person making the payment
      4. Continue to the bank’s secure payment system

Should you require assistance in making the payment please contact +66(0)2352-3000

Only one transaction per one payment allowed


Membership Fee

THB 2,140,000
THB 1,000,000
THB 500,000
THB 800,000
THB 300,000
THB 1,000,000
THB 800,000
THB 800,000
THB 700,000
THB 1,000,000

Upgrade Membership Fee

THB 1,605,000

Annual Fee

THB 21,400
THB 10,000
THB 21,400

Card Reissuing Fee


Membership Transfer Fee